Want to know more about Sharework's CRM connect? Our FAQ should answer most of your questions!

Is my data safe with Sharework? 

As stated in our Privacy & Safety policy, any business data communicated by the customer, including without limitation data submitted to Sharework via the CRM access granted by the Customer to Sharework (Customer Data) remains fully owned and controlled by the user or by the company they are representing by using our service (the Customer).

Any Customer Data that we maintain or process will be considered strictly confidential. We collect and process Customer Data solely on behalf of our Customers, and we do not use or disclose Customer Data except as authorized and required by our Customers and as provided for in our agreements with our Customers.

We ensure the safety of collected Customer Data by all means, in particular data encryption, data storage exclusively in the European Union, and the systematic use of HTTPS communication protocole which ensures point-to-point encryption on internet.

Can I revoke the access to my CRM granted to Sharework?

We use OAuth authentication protocole to connect to your CRM.
At any time you can revoke access to your CRM simply by clicking on "Disconnect" in your Sharework interface. By disconnecting your CRM, Sharework won't be able to access your CRM data anymore, and we will delete all your data from our servers.
Please note that none of your partners will be able to access any data shared with them anymore.

Is Sharework compliant with GDPR regulation?

Sharework do not import any personal information of your prospects and clients such as contacts' names, firstnames, and e-mails. As a consequence Sharework is fully compliant with European GDPR regulation.

If Sharework were to add features such as sharing of contacts' personal information, then you would be notified of a change of our CGU-CGV, and you would have the ability to disabled this feature for all Europe-based contacts, to ensure compliancy with GDPR regulation.

Which data can my partner see when I accept their invitation to connect?

When you accept a partner invitation, the only data that you give access right away is statistical data such as: 
- Number of common accounts in your respective CRMs
- Number of common clients
- Number of their prospects that are your clients
- Number of common active prospects (prospects with at least one active opportunity)
By default your partner won't be able to see any details such as your prospects and clients name, etc.

How do I controle which data I share with a given partner?

We believe that it's extremely important that you have full control over the detailed data that you share with each partner. That's why Sharework will develop sharing settings that can be customized for each partner you connect with on Sharework.

As for now while we are in beta, no data will be by default shared with any partner. The Sharework team will work closely with you to define how you want to work and what you want to share with each partner, and implement it upon request.

What should I use Sharework for?

How you will use Sharework depends on what you're trying to achieve with each of your partners. We've noted some recurring use cases with our first clients: 
- Identify common clients
- Identify my prospects that are my partner's clients
- Identify our common active prospects
- And way more....

You don't find your use case above? No worries! There are million of possible use cases and Sharework works closely with companies to help them achieve their goals with their partners.
Please contact our team at contact@sharework.co to share your need with us, and we will make sure Sharework enables you to achieve what you're trying to achieve.

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