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We connect CRMs together to help business partners securely share chosen data and create real business synergies.
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We believe in
Connecting CRM data to streamline existing synergies and reveal new opportunities with your business partners

Enhanced business synergies

Want to make it easier to send a lead to a partner? To track common clients? To map account owners so that your sales reps always know who is the right person to talk to and how to reach out? Sharework connects to both your CRM and your partner's CRMs to make all of this possible, effortlessly.

Easy tracking

Have you ever been under the impression that you create more value for a partner than the other way around? Sharework allows everyone to have a clear view on actual business outcomes so that you can keep your partnerships balanced.

More companies to target

You're constantly trying to feed your sales team with fresh new targets to address? In average sharing your CRM data with one partner will get you a 1.7x bigger database of companies. Imagine how powerful sharing with 10 partners can be...

Seemless data enrichment

Have ever struggled to enrich data such as number of employees, number of establishments, SIRET number, etc.? Pooling your efforts with partners will allow you to feed such information into your CRM seemlessly.

Data privacy, control & security

It's just impossible to identify potential synergies if you can't compare your data. However it doesn't mean you're ready to share all prospect and client data with your partners... Sharework acts as a secure 3rd-party data escrow, that can analyze both CRMs to detect overlaps and synergies, but will let you control precisely which data you share partner by partner.

Connect your CRM to Sharework
Create your account & connect your CRM to Sharework in 1-click (Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive)
Invite your business partners
Connect with your business partners on Sharework and set custom partnership settings for each partner
Start unlocking sales opportunities
Track common clients, get new leads and introductions, enrich your data, streamline your reseller processes, etc.

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leads sharing & Business introductions

Sending a lead to our partner has become as simple as clicking on a button, and Sharework made it so simple to track the outcome and reward the partner that it increased the numbers of referrals between our teams.

CRM Data enrichment

Connecting our CRM with our 2 main business partners has drastically improved the quality of our prospect database, which had a direct impact on our ability to generate meetings.

Reselling partnerships

By connecting our CRMs and setting simple rules, we were able to streamline our invoicing and collection process with reselling partners.

Integrated solutions

Sharework notifies us immediately when our partner signs one of our existing clients (and vice versa), so that we can proactively propose our product integration to common clients.


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